Stock Risk Reports

How much can your stocks fall?

How likely is it that your stocks will fall?

If they do fall, what are the chances of your stocks recovering?

(What rate of return might your portfolio achieve if you invested exclusively in the very safest companies, but
only at prices close to or lower than the breakup value of those companies? We call that “Investing by Exception“.)

Stocks fall for hundreds of reasons. However, two major causes, which are readily identified, measured and diagnosed as “risks” by a careful examination of the company’s financial statements are:

1) An extensive and extended time period of relying on debt to cover operations; and

2) An irrational price relative to a rational estimate of its “minimum economic value”.

Our analysis is not subjective because it is solely based on the data from a company’s audited financial statements. While financial salespeople love to tell customers all the reasons why the stocks (or funds) they sell will rise, they rarely discuss all the reasons those stocks or funds may fall. We don’t sell or recommend stocks; we rank their risks.

We’re here to help you learn, understand and identify the financial risks of any stock. Our risk analysis system identifies and measures 11 financial metrics to measure their financial strengths and weaknesses and to quantify and rank the risk of the stock’s price decline.

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Our analysis is not infallible. Please review the limitations of our work.